A Plan to Get You on Financial Track, Reach Your Goals, and Spend Purposefully!  

I Know What You're Thinking!!

You're thinking:

  • I've tried a budget and it doesn't work
  • A budget means I can't have any fun
  • I'm too scared to see where I really stand financially
  • I need more money before I can save or pay off debt
  • I'll die with debt

Guess what?! Not TRUE!

I completely understand where you're coming from. I am a woman who enjoys life and all it has to offer. I understand that a certain money situation needs to be had before enjoying all of those things. 

  • I understand that flaws in budgets can make them ineffective. 
  • I understand the fear behind the word "budget". 
  • I understand that finances can be scary. I understand it may seem hard to save or pay down debt when you don't make much. 
  • I understand how out-of-control debt can be.

I have experienced all of those fears. But, that's all they are..fears! You CAN overcome those fears and become financially independent. I've done it! With the proper budget plan (and financial coaching, if you need it), you can get on financial track.

That's where I can help!

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What Will You Get Out of Your Personalized Budget Plan?

The #1 tool for financial success for any and everyone is a budget. A budget shows you what money you have coming in, what money is going out, and what you can do to reach your financial goals. If you don't know where your problem is, or don't know how to properly allocate your income, that's where City Girl Savings comes in. Here's what our budgets will help you achieve:

  • Your budget will solve the problem of where your money is going every month.
  • Your budget will allow you to see what you can truly afford to spend.
  • Your budget will show you when you can expect to reach your financial goals.
  • Your budget will empower you to take control of your spending, once and for all!
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If your budget doesn't work in the first 30 days, we'll create a new one for you!

Virtual Based

You provide your financial information via our secure online form. Start and stop at your own pace. Save your progress.

Tailored to You

A thorough analysis of your information is completed before your plan is prepared, making it specific to you.

Direct Delivery

Get your budget portfolio delivered in electronic or print form, suited to your learning style and your preference..

Budget & Spending Plans by City Girl Savings!

Your personalized budget plan includes 16+ pages full of information on your current financial situation and spending. Your portfolio also comes with a target spending plan to help you reach your goals, a detailed breakdown of how to reach those goals, and more. Every portfolio comes in an easy-to-understand format and a free review session with me (City Girl Savings Founder Raya). In our personalized portfolios, clients get:

  • An overview of your current financial standing.
  • High-level and detailed breakdown of your current spending.
  • Updated income allocation and spending based on thorough analysis by CGS.
  • Graph view of current spending vs. target spending.
  • High-level and detailed breakdown of your target spending.
  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly spending plan to follow to reach your goals.
  • Detailed debt repayment plan (if applicable) and when you will be debt free.
  • Net worth summay to find your current net worth.
Yes! I Want a Plan!

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The Woman Behind Your Budget, Raya Reaves

Hey ladies! 

I'm Raya, founder and financial consultant/instructor for City Girl Savings. I have been in the financial game for many years and I GET IT! You want to enjoy life, without going broke! I've been there and I've had those experiences. With my financial background and experience with managing my own money accordingly, came the passion to help women get their financial selves in order.

I have worked with women who were unemployed, to women who were making six figure salaries. What did all of these women have in common? No knowledge (or very little) of properly budgeting their money. Without proper budgeting, no one can save money, get out of debt, or reach their financial goals.

You CAN have money in the bank and live the life you want!

I have created over 200 budget plans for women just like you! So let me help you!

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Check out what other people had to say about Raya & CGS!

"City Girl Savings is a great resource! Even if you already use a budget, accountability is so important when taking your finances and lifestyle to the next level. Raya is so knowledgeable, positive, and very supportive! "

-Kimbra E. 

"I had the pleasure of working with Raya in order to find my monthly budget and start a savings plan. She was very quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had and her presentation of my budget plan was easy to comprehend and adapt to!"

-Angie M. 

"What I loved about CGS is that they teach you how to be fiscally responsible while still having a life. She was great to talk to and totally understood that I wanted to come up with a budget that would still allow me to buy my Chanel lipsticks."

-Karen E. 

"It's challenging to look at your spending habits and debts, but then I realized that a budget would free me, not limit me. I feel in control of my finances now, and more in control of my life because of it, and I have CGS to thank!"

-Andrea B.

"I'd recommend CGS to anyone! No matter your debt, your income, your job or lifestyle, it's a great way to get your finances together so that they better serve your needs. Hopefully, you get as much out of this as I did."

-Candice J.

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