Imagine being 28 days away from learning everything you can to save more money, get out of debt and work towards financial freedom!

Do you know the importance of saving money?

Okay, that was a silly question...

Of course you know the importance of saving money, but are you actually saving money?

Saving money can impact your life by:

  • Helping ease the burden of financial hardships (they are inevitable, right?)
  • Allowing you to get out of debt faster, so you can do what you want (when you want)
  • Helping you own that dream house you always wanted
  • Preparing you for a great retirement (you want to leave the work force on your terms, don't you?)
  • Giving you the ability to help others
  • Leaving a legacy for those who come after you (whether they are your children or not)

If saving money doesn't come easy to you, it DOES NOT mean that you aren't able to.

It means that you need to make some changes.

Imagine being just 28 days away from building a savings that you don't touch.

Or, a savings that helps you pay your debts off faster.

Or, a savings that helps you quit your job and start your dream business.

Or, a savings that makes dealing with financial hardships and unexpected expenses bearable.

I want to help you get there.

I have created a 4-module course that will teach you everything you need to become a successful money-saver, regardless of how much or how little you make!

In this course, I will take you by the hand and teach you how to:

  • Position your mind, accounts, and more to be in the best position to save money long term
  • Create a budget that allows you to take care of your responsibilities, have a little fun, and save for your goals
  • Pinpoint your areas of weakness and make positive changes so you can save more money over time
  • Know exactly what you need to do after the course to stay consistent with your money saving efforts

I KNOW you are ready to be SO MUCH better with your finances!

So, am I speaking to you?! If so, keep reading to learn more about how you can master the money you do have and become a master money saver!

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Everything you need to know to become a consistent money-saver! Here's just a hint of what the course will teach you:

  • Everything you need to know about saving money to its fullest potential
  • How to create powerful savings goals that can be achieved
  • What you need to set yourself up for money-saving success
  • An in-depth activity to get to the root of your spending problem areas
  • How to audit your current accounts and spending to maximize your savings potential
  • How to trash temptation, curb impulse buys, and cut back so you can save more money
  • How to maximize your current and future savings to save more with little effort
  • Tips, tricks and tools to help you save more money consistenly
  • How to track your spending and money-saving progress
  • Much more to become a money-saving master!

You can have the life you want! You can consistently save for your goals and keep growing financially!

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Here's What's Included

In this 4-module online course, each module (week) focuses on a different part of the savings journey, setting you up for greatness. 

You will receive a workbook each week with learning material, tasks, checklists and to-do items, as well as 30-minute+ module from CGS Founder + Financial Instructor Raya (me) walking you through everything! 

You will also get access to the exclusive Facebook Group just for this course, where I will be available to answer questions along the way.

Module 1

Setting Yourself Up for Money-Saving Success

  • What you need to get started & succeed with saving money so you can DITCH the excuses!
  • Mentally preparing to save money CONSISTENTLY and be a true success!
  • Completing an audit of your current accounts so you know what you're WORKING with! It's only up from here!
  • Much more!

This allows you to be in the best position to be successful with your money-saving efforts

Module 2

Reviewing & Adjusting Your Spending to Save More

  • 3-month spending lookback so you never have to WONDER where all your money has gone!
  • My secrets for creating a budget that actually WORKS for you and can change as your situation changes!
  • How to cut back and save while on a budget and why it's really NOT that hard!
  • Much more!

This allows you to pinpoint your areas of weakness and make positive changes so you can save more money over time

Module 3

Simplifying & Maximizing Your Savings

  • Tools to help you save more money with no effort! PASSIVE income, here we come!
  • Setting up systems to automate your savings to make your finances a BREEZE
  • What to do when MORE money comes your way, thanks to manifesting with this program!
  • Much more!

This allows you to make savinng money easier, earn more on your savings, and set up a consistent saving process that you don't mess with 

Module 4

Tracking Your Progess & Staying Consistent

  • Getting organized financially so you can be a BOSS babe, on top of her finances!
  • How to track your spending and why it's my SECRET to budgeting success!
  • Helpful trackers to use moving forward because there's no going back! Let's GET it!
  • Much more!

This allows you to stay consistent with your savings and see growth over time. That growth serves as motivation to keep saving for your goals

Imagine! In 28 days, realizing that you have:

  • The mindset needed to become a successful saver and money will just manifest its way right to your bank account!
  • Set your savings goals and know how to implement strategies to reach every goal you set for yourself!
  • Completed a look-back of your spending to find your weaknesses and temptations and truly master how you spend moving forward!
  • Created a budget that allows you to take care of your responsibilities, have a little fun, and save for your goals - because that's what boss babes do!
  • Learned ow to get the most bang for your buck while saving money. Literally, save and make money while you sleep!
  • Mastered how to stay on track with your budget and savings goals, as well as how to account for changes in your financial situation because you will certainly have multiple "level ups" in your future!
  • Started taking control of your money and putting yourself in a situation to receive all types of success!

Start and stop at your own pace! All content can be referred to over and over! Lifetime access to all of the money-saving lessons!

Only $297!*

 *Payment Options Available.

Course Bonus!

Essentials for Long-Term Success!

All attendees who enroll get an additional workbook/download that includes the following templates, which are used throughout the course:

  • Current Account Audit Tracker
  • 3-Month Spending Lookback Tracker
  • Budget Template
  • Daily Spending Tracker
  • Monthly Savings Tracker

You can and should use all of these trackers long after you've completed the course!

I walk you through how to use each one!

Meet Your Instructor, Raya Reaves

Hi Ladies, 

I'm Raya, founder and financial consultant/instructor for City Girl Savings. I've been in the financial game for many years and with that experience came the passion to help women get their financial selves in order. 

I've worked with women who were unemployed, to women who were making six figure salaries. What did all of these women have in common? No knowledge (or very little) of properly budgeting their money. 

Without proper financial know-how, no one can save money, get out of debt, or reach their financial goals to their truest potential. This course touches on everything you need to know to become a better money saver!

My mission is to help as many women reach financial success as possible, so if you need to learn more, don't procrastinate your success!

I KNOW you are ready for success, so let's do this!

-xoxo, Raya

See what other people had to say about Raya & the course!

"I loved the course, I met two of my financial goals just today and I would not have been able to do it without your course! I finally feel like I'm in charge of my finances and not the other way around, it's liberating! Thank you!"

-Kendyl B.

"I thought this course was great! I learned things and made improvements to my finances. And Raya is awesome! Super accessible and always willing to help you out. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to save or analyze their spending."

-Kelley S. 

"I enjoyed everything about this course! Since it was a savings course I think it was spot on! I can't wait for the next course to talk about other finance-related topics. Everything was really great and I would recommend this course to anyone looking to save."

-Ebony S. 

"So the 90 day look back activity in the course was interesting. First, I know where I can cut back. Second, found out that one of my subscriptions was double charging me....called and got a refund. It pays to be aware. Thanks again Raya!"

-Joy C. 

"Raya helped me by showing me where I should be spending my money, and how much I should be putting away each month. If you're considering City Girl Savings, stop and just do it. It's such a great feeling to have a financial plan and knowing where your money is going."

-Emily S. 

"Raya is great! I have never had a budget and struggle with paying off debt. She showed me that if I budget I can pay off my debts and still have money for the things that are important to me. Raya listened to my concerns then she walked me through everything! I highly recommend CGS!!! "

-Stephanie L. 

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