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5 days to change your money situation and set yourself up for financial success!  

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  • Are you struggling to get a handle on your financial situation?
  • Are you an overspender, living paycheck to paycheck, or constantly tapping into the money you do save?
  • Do you want to reach your true money potential and leverage resources to help you do just that?

In an attempt to help women take control of their money situation, I (CGS Founder Raya Reaves) put together 4 mini-lessons to help you get ahead financially! Each lesson walks you through basic skills to become a financially savvy woman! After the 4 lessons, I you will receive a replay of a live training session to learn the key elements of becoming a consistent money saver!

Challenge participants are encouraged to join the free City Girl Savings Facebook group to share their progress, pressures, concerns, tips, and more. 

5-Day Challenge Breakdown

Every other day, you get a new bit of content, in the form of mini-lessons, from me (you get 5 days of content with buffer days in between, to implement what you've learned). 

Day 1: Set Yourself Up for Success

  • Create a simple budget 
  • The best strategy for a savings account
  • Short and long term goal setting

Day 2: Adjust Your Spending

  • Identifying areas of weakness
  • Setting limits for "fun" spending
  • Removing temptation
  • Determing appropriate budget and spending categories

Day 3: Maximize Your Savings

  • Getting specific with your savings
  • Leveraging free resources to help you save more
  • The best ways to save more money

Day 4: Stay Consistent Long Term

  • Building positive financial habits
  • Getting organized
  • Tracking your spending

Day 5: Live training session replay from me!


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