DIY Kits and Guides

DIY Folks! The kits below are your guides to self-paced success! Perfect for those who want to succeed in certain financial areas with easy-to-understand roadmaps.

If you had the right training materials in place, would you be able to succeed with saving more money, paying down debt, or reaching financial success? Then these kits are for you! 

All of the kits below come with detailed reading material with highly informative information to help you succeed in each financial area. 

The kits also include printables, guides, trackers, and more so you can track your progress. All kits come in PDF form and are emailed to you immediately after purchase!

Money Matters Toolkit

The Money Matters Toolkit Package includes:

  • Detailed guide outlining the 10 things every woman needs to be on top of her finances
  • 20+ minute training video from CGS Founder Raya Reaves
  • Checklist to track your progress while working towards financial success 

Need More Specific Financial Help?

Dealing with Debt?

In this DIY Kit, you get:

  • How to mentally prepare for dealing with debt 
  • Getting your budget ready to pay off your debt 
  • Monthly Debt Recap List Template & Debt Reduction Plan Tracker to help you assess your debt and track your progress 
  • A detailed guide on how to properly use your trackers 
  • Advice on staying motivated through your debt-free journey 
  • Tips on how to deal with budget adjustments

Need to Build Savings?

In this DIY Kit, you get:

  • What you need to start or enhance your savings journey 
  • The basic fundamentals of saving and building your savings
  • How to evaluate your spending 
  • How to set your financial goals and ensure they are realistic 
  • Tips to simplify and maximize your savings 
  • Savings Goals Planner template to identify, track and plan out your savings goals

These DIY Kits are great starting points for mastering the basics of your financial situation!

About the Creator, Raya Reaves 

Raya is the founder and financial consultant/instructor for City Girl Savings. She has been in the financial game for many years and with that experience came the passion to help women get their financial selves in order. 

Raya has worked with women who were unemployed, to women who were making six figure salaries. What did all of these women have in common? No knowledge (or very little) of properly budgeting their money. Without proper budgeting, no one can save money, get out of debt, or reach their financial goals. 

Raya provides her knowledge through these DIY Kits & Guides, Online Courses and Training, Personalized Budget Plans, and One-on-One Coaching. 

Outside of the finance world, Raya enjoys all of the things most women love - travelling, exploring new things, and making the most of life!